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Eco-Wolf, Inc. in Gems, Rocks & Minerals

Eco-Wolf, Inc.
Eco-Wolf, Inc.
ECO-WOLF, INC. supplies equipment for all phases of the manufacture and recycling of fiberglass and other material. Trim Saws, Drying Ovens, Modular Thermoforming Ovens, Mixing Tanks, Turn Tables, Scrim Laminators and our NO-ROLL™, AL-TOOL™, AL-CAST™ and T-LAM™ formulas for the fiberglass and molding industries are used by major companies world wide. The ECO-WOLF recycling system consists of two major components. The ECO-Grinder™, which is robustly constructed and specifically designed to withstand the abrasive nature of the material while maintaining the integrity of the glass or natural fibers. This allows the fibers to be reincorporated back into new products.The second part of the process is the ECO-Dispensing Macerator™. This component is a pneumatic powered device that meters and transports the material processed by the ECO-Grinder™ to the pre-existing spray-up equipment where it is injected into the resin spray upon operator demand. We supply the adapter that reincorporates the scrap without replacing most spray systems.

Eco-Wolf, Inc.
Edgewater Florida

Contact : Sabine Corinna Unger
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