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The Fairfax Companies in Gems, Rocks & Minerals

The Fairfax Companies
The Fairfax Companies
We screen and sort all construction and demolition waste that passes through our gates. By sorting these materials we make sure that as much recyclable material as possible is diverted from the landfill and nothing goes into the landfill that may be harmful to the environment

Recycled Products
  • Decorative bark: Bulk or bagged
  • Naturally Made Compost: Bulk or bagged
  • Mulch: ½ inch minus 'small' or 3 minus 'Large'
  • Top soil 60% screened fill/40% compost mix: Bulk
  • 1 minus aggregate: Bulk
  • Animal Bedding
  • Decorative boulders
  • Screened Fill Dirt

    The Fairfax Companies
    Tucson Arizona

    Contact : Jason Tankersley
    For Further Information,

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