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Landmark Stone International, LLC in Gems, Rocks & Minerals

Landmark Stone International, LLC

Landmark Stone International, LLC., (Denver, Colorado) provides natural stone products that are derived from reclaimed and recycled stone waste materials throughout regional demographics within North America and abroad.

Until recently, the increasing interest and demand for GREEN and sustainable building products has neglected to consider natural stone as a viable and abundant recyclable material. For thousands of years stone has been used in building and has been considered valuable. Structures all around the world made of stone have been dismantled over time in order to build new structures to save time and money. The same is true today, however, with our new technological advancements, the waste discards of stone quarrying and manufacturing are being utilized in ways that never before have been available.

Our manufactures work both independently and in cooperation to produce GREEN recycled materials for local and regional demographics of major metropolitan areas with the aim to supply recycled, LEED credited natural stone building products.

Please contact us if you have interest in our products or becoming a member of our production and supply network. We hope that within all major cities in North America our organization can assist communities in their pursuit for recycled natural stone products which will serve as sustainable materials and aid in the beautifying of their environments.

Landmark Stone International, LLC
Denver Colorado

Contact : Eric Marshall
For Further Information,

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